Worldwide Brands Review 2020 – Is WWB Legit or Scam?

worldwide brands review

In this Worldwide Brands Review, we are going to provide all of the necessary information so that you can decide if WWB is a service you should sign up for.

Thousands of sellers run a drop shipping business through Worldwide Brands. While some are successful, others are not.

That is why we are compiling the most accurate information about Worldwide Brands to help you decide.

Is Drop Shipping Profitable?

A recent study shows that 22-33% of online retailers use drop shipping to fulfill their orders and 84% of online sellers report that the inability to find products on their own is the number one roadblock to starting an ecommerce business.

Not only is drop shipping a profitable business model, it is the easiest type of business to run. Drop shipping is a good alternative to buying products in bulk. The key advantages of a drop shipping business include:

  • Low overhead costs
  • Supplier ships items on your behalf
  • No upfront purchase of products

Drop shipping is a profitable business, but there are better alternatives such as purchasing products in bulk (or wholesale).

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands (or WWB) is a Florida company that was founded in 1999. The company is classified as a wholesale directory service that connects you to millions of products and thousands of suppliers. Worldwide Brands is not an actual supplier and they do not sell you anything.

The company is the only publisher of wholesale product sourcing information that is certified exclusively by eBay.

Worldwide Brands connects you to 16 million products and 8,000 suppliers for a one-time fee. After you get access to the service, you get the opportunity to work with all of the suppliers without any limitations. You have the option to drop ship products directly to your customers or purchase the products in bulk and ship them yourself.

Who is Worldwide Brands For?

To ensure Worldwide Brands provides a service that you are looking for, it is important to be mindful of the type of business they cater to.

Worldwide Brands is for anyone looking to start a business in one of the two categories:

  • Drop shipping (a business model where the items are fulfilled by a third-party for a small drop-shipping fee) or;
  • Wholesale (a business model where you purchase the items in bulk, store the products at your location, and ship them directly to your customers).

For instance, option one is geared towards beginners with very little startup capital whereas option two is for more experience users that need better profit margins, but are not afraid to take on more risk by buying products upfront.

If your business is not in one of the two categories listed above, Worldwide Brands is not something that you should sign up for.

Is Worldwide Brands a Scam?

If you read any other Worldwide Brands review, you are probably thinking WWB is the next big thing that will make you millions of dollars. It is not a “get rich quick scheme.” You will not become a millionaire tomorrow, next week, or next year. If you are looking to become a millionaire right now, this is not for you and you may want to try your luck with a penny stock.

As a Worldwide Brands customer, we can tell you that Worldwide Brands is not a scam. It is a legit company that offers a real service (wholesale directory) for a fee.

Places like Entrepreneur, Brides, and National Geographic Channel have featured suppliers that are listed in the Worldwide Brands Directory on their television shows or print magazines. In addition, Worldwide Brands has been featured in the Home Business Magazine for several years in a row as a Top Home Business Opportunity.

Worldwide Brands Featured Sites

Worldwide Brands is not like one of those cheap and illegitimate wholesale supplier lists that you can purchase on eBay for a few dollars.

After using Worldwide Brands (in combination with SaleHoo) for over five years so far, we feel that the service is not for everyone. In order to determine if it is for you, you would obviously have to try it on your own.

What Others are Saying About WWB?

We searched the internet to see what others are saying about Worldwide Brands. We found that the service has a lot of mixed reviews, both good and bad. It is understandable because it is human nature to complain after failing at something. Plus, we understand that Worldwide Brands is not perfect and has a handful of flaws that some may consider as “deal breakers”.

Here are some positive Worldwide Brands reviews:

And then here are some Worldwide Brands complaints to consider:

Import Export states: “Not only do you pay $299 for the privilege of becoming a customer, but you get nothing exclusive, you simply join the crowds all trying to sell the same products and competing on price alone.” (Commenter on Warrior Forum)

Nick states: “Do NOT buy it – It is a big waste of money.” (Commenter on Reviewopedia)

Bdjolie states:“I believe Chris has worked really hard to put together a list of honest drop shippers. However, the wholesalers’ prices are not competitive nor are they in-demand items. The very few items that had some potential were priced higher than the listings on eBay.” (Commenter on Web Retailer)

How Does Worldwide Brands Work?

After you sign up for an account and set everything up, you can start searching for products that you want to sell. Every supplier page includes contact information, shipping timeframes, and other information that you may need.

You have to decide if you want to drop ship your products directly to your customers or buy the products in bulk and ship them on your own. Each method has its own benefits.

This is the process for drop shipping your products:

You sell a product online (on eBay, Amazon, or your own online store). After the sale is confirmed and payment is made, you contact your supplier and purchase the product. The supplier ships the product directly to your customer. For example, you sell Product A for $300, but purchase it for $150 through Worldwide Brands. In this example, your profit is $150 before calculating any of the fees that you may incur (e.g. drop shipping fees, eBay fees, etc.).

This is the process for buying the products in bulk and wholesale:

You find a supplier that you want to work with and buy a large product quantity (e.g. 100 units) to qualify for wholesale pricing. The supplier ships the products to the location of your choice. You list the products for sale on eBay, Amazon, or your own online store. After you make a sale and payment is confirmed, you package and ship the product right to your customer. This is risky as you have to buy the products upfront and store the products prior to making any sales.

Go to Worldwide Brands

Is Worldwide Brands Safe?

Importing from China can yield good profits, but it is unsafe because you do not know who you are buying from. Same goes for buying from any other country, even the United States. The company may seem legit but can scam you and ship you counterfeit goods that look exactly like the originals.

Thankfully, that is not an issue with the suppliers on Worldwide Brands. Every single supplier that is listed in the Worldwide Brands directory undergoes a strict verification process, which eliminates counterfeiting and fraud. Worldwide Brands finds a lot of their suppliers at wholesale trade shows across the United States.

Can I Make Money With Worldwide Brands?

If you are still here reading this Worldwide Brands review, you are probably itching to find out if you can actually make money with Worldwide Brands. Someone probably told you that you can make millions while others may say that Worldwide Brands is a worthless service.

You will not make millions anytime soon, but you can use Worldwide Brands to make a fairly decent living.

The market is over-saturated with every product that you can think of and competition is at an all-time high. It seems like everyone is trying to sell online to make extra income. While that is all true, there is an increase in the number of shoppers that shop online – and this number increases at a steady rate year after year.

When you sell your products online, you are exposing your products to millions of shoppers worldwide. So even with the increased competition, there is also an increase in the number of customers that shop online.

Worldwide Brands offers products with high profit margins, low profit margins, no profit margins, and products that will lose you money. In other words, Worldwide Brands has it all.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the overall profit margins such as the types of products being sold, where they are being sold, and whether you utilize the drop shipping method or the wholesale method.

The amount of profit that you can make will depend on how well you play your cards. If you plan on selling products that everyone else is selling, you will probably complain because you will not make any money. If you do your research and find the right products, you will probably make some money. Although this is much easier said than done.

We recommend using Google AdWords (a free tool) to research the products on Worldwide Brands.

How Fast Can I Start Selling?

After you set up your account, you can start working with suppliers immediately. The good thing about drop shipping is that you do not need to make an initial investment (no need to buy products in bulk, the minimum order quantity is a single unit). In addition, most of the suppliers in the directory sell internationally, so no matter where in the world you are located, you can be up and running in no time.

How Much Does Worldwide Brands Cost?

Worldwide Brands offers a lifetime membership for a one-time cost of $299 (or $249 with this link which includes a Worldwide Brands discount that is only good for Ecommerce Sprout visitors). There are no other fees associated with the directory.

Worldwide Brands Coupon

After you purchase the membership, you get access to Worldwide Brands forever – the membership never expires. The membership gives you access to the wholesale directory, support, community forum, and resources that teach you to sell online.

If you are unable to pay for the membership in full, you can pay for the membership in three monthly installments. If you choose this option, you pay $99 for the first month, $110 for the second month, and $110 for the third month. This option is more expensive and you will not be able to apply the Worldwide Brands discount.

You can use your PayPal account or credit card to pay for the membership cost.

Go to Worldwide Brands

Can I Cancel My Worldwide Brands Account?

Yes, you can cancel your account whenever you want, but you will only be able to get a refund within a specific timeframe. If you paid for the membership in full, you have 60 days from the time of the initial purchase to cancel your account and get a full refund.

If you purchased the membership through the installments option, you will have 30 days to cancel the service and request a full refund.

So, if you missed the refund window, there is no sense of cancelling your account.

To cancel your membership and request a refund, you can email WWB at this email address:

How to Get the Best Results on WWB?

We are determined that this is going to be the best, most detailed Worldwide Brands review on the internet, so we are going to share some tips that we use to get the best results on Worldwide Brands.

While using Worldwide Brands for our drop shipping business, we gathered some useful information on getting the best results with Worldwide Brands. The idea is to target a niche or a single product with low competition that consumers have an interest or need to buy.

You need to stay away from popular brands because the market is over-saturated with iPhones, PlayStation 4’s, Legos, and cell phone cases.

For instance, two categories that we feel are good to get into are Textbooks and Movies & DVD’s. While competition exists in both of these categories, the market is so large that you can make a profit (e.g. you target college students and professors with textbooks, which is a large market). In other words, if you are a college student or professor, you need textbooks for your classes.

Worldwide Brands Support and Resources

The customer support department is available via phone and email – Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can get a hold of them by calling 1.877.376.7747.

You get access to the Market Research Tool, and a members-only forum where you can reach out to other Worldwide Brands members. You also get access to educational videos, workbooks, and real-life exercises that will teach you how to sell online and build relationships with suppliers.

We contacted the support department and discussed our selling goals with one of their representatives. We advised the representative that we are looking for a niche with low competition, but with enough sellable products. While he did not give us a list of niches that we can cater to, he did point us in the right direction and emailed us some resources that we can use to view statistics for different products and niches. We found the information useful.

Overall, the customer support team definitely adds value to the service, but it could use minor improvements.

Worldwide Brands Pros

  • The membership cost is a one-time fee and it never expires.
  • No order minimums, you can order as little or as much as you want without paying extra fees.
  • The wholesale directory features a large product selection.
  • Every supplier undergoes a strict verification process before they are listed in the directory (this process eliminates Chinese counterfeiters and other fraudulent companies).
  • Worldwide Brands is the only publisher of wholesale product sourcing information that is certified by eBay.
  • The directory is updated weekly with new products and suppliers.
  • You can conduct business with multiple suppliers from one centralized location.

Worldwide Brands Cons

  • There is a large number of products that are overly priced.
  • It is difficult to make a profit selling these products on eBay and Amazon (this is not only a con of Worldwide Brands only; it is a con of any other similar service).
  • Most suppliers ask for a resale certificate when placing larger orders (this is normal for a legitimate business and you should already have the proper business documents).
  • If you look hard enough, you can find products to sell without paying for a service like Worldwide Brands.

Worldwide Brands Review – Summary

In short, Worldwide Brands is an excellent solution if you are just starting out, have a hard time finding products to sell, and do not want to risk losing your money. It is a worthy alternative to importing from Chinese suppliers that you do not know or trust.

If you value your time and want to shift your focus on other aspects of your online business, Worldwide Brands is a good investment and pays for itself after the first month.

In conclusion, Worldwide Brands is worth it, but only if you can find any value out of it.

If you are comfortable taking risks, do not mind cold-calling suppliers, and have a large budget, Worldwide Brands is probably not a good choice for you.

You should use Worldwide Brands only if:

  • You want to drop ship products directly to your customers.
  • You want the option to buy products in bulk (or wholesale).
  • You do not have time to search suppliers on your own.
  • You have a difficult time finding the right products to sell.
  • You have your own online store where you will sell a majority of the products.
  • You understand the importance of research and competition levels.

You should not use Worldwide Brands if:

  • You do not have enough money to pay for the Worldwide Brands lifetime membership.
  • You do not have your own online store, and plan on selling mostly on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces.
  • You are not comfortable running and managing a drop shipping business.
  • You want to sell popular products that other sellers are selling right now.
  • You are skeptical about Worldwide Brands and feel that they are a scam (sometimes it is the best to go with your gut feeling).

How to Claim My Worldwide Brands Discount?

The discount is reserved for all Ecommerce Sprout visitors only. You will get $50 off the lifetime account membership fee (original cost of the membership is $299, but the button below or any link on this page discounts the cost to $249). Simply click on the button below and it will take you to Worldwide Brands. The discount is automatically applied and a coupon code is not needed for the discount.

Alternatively, you can enter “ecommercesprout” in the coupon code section at checkout.

Claim Your $50 Off Discount

Worldwide Brands Review – FAQs

Who is Worldwide Brands for?

Anyone that is capable of selling products online. If we had to narrow it down, it would be the best service for those that are new to ecommerce or those that cannot find products to sell.

Are there Worldwide Brands alternatives that I can use?

The only notable alternative to Worldwide Brands that offers a similar service is SaleHoo (see this SaleHoo Review).

Joe has good results selling electronics; will I have the same results?

Probably not. You will not get anywhere by following and copying others. Find your own niche for the best results.

Is Worldwide Brands worth it?

Yes – as long as you can find a value out of it.

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66 thoughts on “Worldwide Brands Review 2020 – Is WWB Legit or Scam?”

  1. After reading this entire review and looking over the WWB website, i still have not found out what brands n labels this company provides access to? Are there many popular brands? At least on salehoo, they identify their brands, ie disney, victoria secret etc. ah well i guess i answered my own query after all

    1. Joe,

      Worldwide Brands offers access to a lot of popular brands which you can find in their directory (e.g. Adidas, Under Armour, Disney, Victoria Secret, etc.). If you want to know specific brands, please feel free to list them here and we can check to see if they carry them.

        1. Peter:

          I know Fossil is available but I did not see the other two.

          You would have to search up the brand you need and make contact with them to see if they work with sellers based out of Europe.

          WWB is a paid service so they tend to keep many things hidden until you actually sign up for the membership.

          I hope that helps answer your questions.

    1. Boulfafe:

      As long as you own both eBay accounts, you should be able to link them to WWB without a problem. That is a very good question, and I am sure it will help other users as well.

      -Editorial Staff

    1. Monica:

      That is correct, the supplier charges a separate fee for every drop shipment. The fee varies by supplier and product, but the average cost is anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00.

      1. So, we buy the drop-shipped item through the WWB portal and it is automatically processed by WWB? How do I extract the product data to my Woocommerce or Shopify website?

        1. Ron:

          WWB is a search directory where you will be able to search for products and suppliers. Once you find suitable products and suppliers, you have to contact them directly to place orders. The suppliers will also give you information on importing the data onto your store. However, some of the suppliers do not offer this function.

  2. Hi, are these suppliers only, or primary from US ? Cause I’m from middle europe, and selling in the europe by the dropshopping method,there’s gonna be really big shipping cost, am i right ? So is it worth for me ?

    1. Peter:

      A great deal of suppliers are from the United States, and will only ship to domestic addresses (inside of the US). However, even though you are from Europe, you can always add the United States to your target audience.

      There are also suppliers from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and different parts of Europe.

    1. Cristofer:

      That is tough to say because it varies by supplier, product, and address. An average shipping fee would be somewhere around $2 to $4. However, you can always contact the supplier, and try to negotiate the extra fees. You have to remember that these suppliers want to get their products out the door as soon as possible, and may be willing to negotiate special pricing terms with you.

      I hope that answers your question.

  3. Wesley Ragsdale

    I have a WWB lifetime account, but my email has changed. My old email is and my business name was Exclusive Online Enterprises. Same name. Same address. Could you please transfer/update my account. Thank you.

    1. Denis:

      No, not every supplier ships to Canada. Although, you will be able find many suppliers that will ship to Canada. You would have to find the supplier and then see if they are willing to ship to Canada.

  4. Hello,

    i am Canadian and i would like to sell in Canada, US & Europe. do i need Tax ID? another question, do they offer automation like other suppliers? if i am to list a bulk amount of products what type of solutions they provide? Thank you

    1. Ahmad:

      In most cases, you would need a Tax ID if you deal with a supplier that is doing business in your country (e.g. Canada), but it is always a good idea to check with the actual supplier beforehand. Unfortunately, Worldwide Brands does not offer any automation / importing in bulk tools.

      However, individual suppliers that carry a large inventory level may have a way to upload multiple products at once to various marketplace venues. Again, this would be something to discuss with the actual supplier.

  5. Hi
    I’m a seller in 12 selling market place. Now my main account is on Amazon. When you sell a name brand is mostly gated and they ask for a invoice can the distributor offer a invoice with all the information ?

    1. Anthony:

      Yes, the distributor will be able to provide you with a commercial invoice that you can use to submit to Amazon. However, some of the branded items on Amazon are restricted, and in order to sell them, the manufacturer of that particular product has to give you permission to sell. In other words, just because you buy wholesale or drop ship products does not mean that you are an authorized reseller of that particular product.

      You would have to contact the particular manufacturer to find out the process of becoming an authorized reseller / dealer.

  6. Hi,

    Before i buy this, could you tell me if they have organic product suppliers with a wide range of products? I tried the brands list link above but it wont let me go to the next page.

    Thank you!

    1. Nikki:

      Organic products are an excellent niche to get into now, and moving forward. Yes, WWB does have suppliers that sell organic products. But, for me to accurately answer your question, I would need a list of organic brands that you are looking to sell.

      1. Only saw your reply now 🙂 lol

        We are looking for baby organic/biodegradable products like diapers, wipes, creams, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, bubble bath etc. Tried Salehoo but the products are so few (also cheap and tacky looking) and hardly any dropshippers- more wholesale, buy in bulk kind of situation. We are looking for dropshippers with quality products.

        The brands directory you added previously also doesnt work anymore. Are you able to share again or were you asked to remove it?

        1. Nikki,

          The link no longer works as WWB removed it from the site for whatever reason. For products like that, I would recommend reaching out to the Honest Company and Seventh Generation as they carry some of those products that you need. I am fairly positive the list of organic brands on WWB is probably small.

    1. Lior:

      I do not see why not, but are you all looking to work together under the same business? I would imagine it is going to be difficult to maintain one account if ten different people are using it and contacting various suppliers.

  7. I live in Canada and i’m a little confused about the TaxID issue
    If I sell in I do not need a GST (goods and service tax) number until I go over 30,000 in sales in Canada.
    If i sell into the USA do I need an American TaxID and and if so how would I get that.

    1. Richard:

      That is an excellent question, and a fairly commonly asked one. The GST number that you are referring to in Canada is required by your tax department in the event that you cross the $30,000 in sales in a single year.

      The Tax ID is only required in the event that a supplier requires a resale certificate from you. In other words, certain suppliers want to make sure that they are dealing with legitimate buyers that have the legal right to sell in their country. You would not provide your tax information to the supplier, but they would ask you to submit a resale certificate, which you can easily obtain at your department of taxation and finance office.

      Since you are from Canada, the laws may be different when you are purchasing products from a supplier in a different country.

  8. Hi there,
    I’m on my way to do the e-commerce business. I’m from Malaysia and want to sell it worldwide such as Australia, United State etc is it possible? Because of the shipment of the suppliers that mainly from U.S.
    And also how i can get the resale certificate if i sell the product to other countries such as UK?

    1. Faris:

      You do not have to obtain a resale certificate unless one of the suppliers asks for it.

      Also, if you are from another country and want to sell to USA customers, you do not need any certificates. You would have to check the laws and regulations in your country for the exact requirements.

  9. Hi, I’m very interested in joining wwb, I’m new to the world of ecommerce and drop shipping. Does the website provide any tutorials or in depth information and articles to help newcomers in the industry? Thanks

    1. Shay:

      WWB has an extensive knowledge base which includes tutorials, guides, and other helpful information on using their service and drop shipping in general.

      By using the information provided, you will be able to use the service without any problems.

  10. In order to sell items online (generic or name-brand), do I need to have permission from the manufacturer before selling?


    1. David,

      You would have to contact the supplier directly to see if they are willing to ship to Africa. If I had to guess, I would say you will only find a limited number of suppliers that would ship to your country.

  11. Can I request a document certifying whether it is a genuine item?

    There is a possibility that I will be required from the sales platform.

  12. Could you please inform me of what cosmetic brands they carry? I’m looking for genuine name brand makeup and skincare to carry and would love to know if they have a good variety and offer name brand cosmetics. Thank you.

    1. Peter:

      I would imagine so. I looked over their Terms and Conditions, and it does not say anything about transferring your membership to someone else. You would only have to give that other person the login credentials.

  13. Very useful article thank you! I’m based in Australia and planning to sell in Australia. What is the percentage of Australian dropshippers please?

  14. I was just curious why it would not be a good fit if you want to sell on Amazon & eBay but don’t have your own store yet when you will have access to both dropshipping and wholesale purchase abilities. What is the reasoning?

    I appreciate your feedback.

    1. Todd:

      That is a great question.

      The reason that WWB is not an ideal fit for selling on platforms such as eBay and Amazon (or any other third party marketplaces) is due to high commission fees and extreme competition. For instance, the product pricing on these platforms is already lower than retail, so you would have to offer lower pricing, which may not be able to get you any profits. On top of all of that, you have to pay Amazon and eBay commission on all of your sales. And with eBay, you will also have to pay PayPal fees.

      With an online store, you cut most of the fees above. Obviously, you still have to pay fees to whichever payment processing service you use. You will also most likely pay a monthly fee to which ever ecommerce platform you use to build your store (e.g. Shopify). However, the fees end up being much lower.

      So, when you account for all of the fees above, you may not even have a profit.

      I hope that answers your question.

  15. Hi,

    Does WorldWideBrands have UPC codes available? Their site was highly recommended in a book, but like some others on here I want to sell on Amazon, thanks.

    1. Neal:

      That is an excellent question that will help other readers as well. It is all going to depend on the platform you use to sell your products. Generally, these are the fees you can expect to pay:

      eBay and Amazon fees (or any other marketplace you plan on selling)
      Credit card or PayPal fees
      Drop shipping fees (if applicable)

      Again, the fees above will apply regardless of where you source your products from.

  16. Thank you, Editorial Team, for a most informative and helpful article. I learned a lot, but I did have one question.
    I am in the process of setting up an online retail site, and would like to be able to source some of my products from China.
    Does Worldwide Brands include Chinese wholesale suppliers or any other Asian countries in its’ listings?
    Thank you for your answer.

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